On our walk yesterday evening, I asked Rajah what subjects he would like to talk about for our blog, as we haven’t put a post up in a long time. He said he wanted to talk about Time. Here is the conversation we had today.

J. Is there something you want to say or tell me about time from your perspective?

R. Yes. Humans make it sound like time is something you can have, something solid you can possess and own. They are always saying things like, “I don’t have time” or “if we have enough time we’ll do so and so.”

J. It’s true. I know I say those kind of things a lot.

R. Well, do you know that time doesn’t actually exist? It’s only a thing because humans made it so. Dogs and other animals don’t have time in the same way humans do.

J. But you certainly know when it’s time to eat and go to bed. And you seem to know when I’m doing a session with someone when it gets to the end of the session. When their time on the table in nearly up. Tell me about your experience of the passage of time.

R. It’s something I sense. I can’t look at that thing you look at [a clock] and know what part of the day it is. But I can smell it. Every part of the day (and night) has a slightly different smell and feel to it, so I always know what should be happening.

J. What about during the treatment sessions at work? How do you know when it’s at the end?

R. It’s the same thing, really. The feeling in the room changes.

J. That’s fascinating, Rajah. I can certainly see the light changing throughout the day, and can sometimes tell the approximate time of day, especially if I’m outside, without looking at my phone or a clock. But I don’t think I’d be able to run my day without looking at a clock at all. I like it that you wake up at pretty much the same time every day and wake me up too.

R. It just happens. Animals are in the flow of life. Humans are always trying to make things happen and putting effort into life. For us animals, life just happens. We don’t have to do anything. It’s constantly flowing through us. It’s in us and all around us, moving and shifting. We just get taken along with it. It’s very easy.

J. Thank you, Rajah. Will you give me that experience of how it is to ride along with time?

R. Yes. I’ll take you with me one day.

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