Here’s a short animal communication conversation I had with my rescue dog, Rajah, this morning about the javelinas that come through our yard on a regular basis, and the squirrels that drop pine nut casings on him as he’s lying on his outdoor bed.

J. Hello Rajah! Do you mind the squirrels dropping stuff on you in the mornings?

R. It’s okay. It’s better I don’t say anything because they have the advantage being above me. They want me to know they are there. They also like the company.

J. Why do you dislike the javelinas so much? Why make such a racket when they come through?

R. They stink! And they’re so noisy and brash! I’m a bit scared of them. I think they would take over my spot [in the yard] if I don’t say anything.

J. Do you want to fight them?

R. Not really. I also want you to know they are out there.

J. Will you promise me you won’t go close to them? They can be dangerous for you.

R. It’s hard for me to make promises as I don’t know if I’d be able to keep them. It’s what I want, but in the moment something else happens. I will try to keep away from them.

J. Can you give me the experience of what it’s like for you when the javelinas come through?

I feel like I’m seeing through Rajah’s eyes and experiencing looking out into our backyard. The javelinas are crashing through the bushes and I feel quite small and surrounded.

J. Oh, I can see how they seem really big and overwhelming to you. Kind of like giants – big and really smelly! You seem to get smaller when you smell them. It’s good that you tell me when you smell or hear them. I think it’s best for you to come inside while they’re out there.

R. Yes, I want to feel safe and I know you’re scared of them too.

J. Thanks for sharing your experience with me.

Rajah on his outdoor bed