Sometimes I Let My Dog Do The Driving

A couple of years ago, when we were deep into the fierce heat of July here in Sedona, when evenings don’t even begin to cool down until well after dark and the roads are still painfully hot for bare paws, I was at a loss for where to go for our evening walk. Rajah had broken nail a few days back and, while it was still healing he needed to walk on grass, which left us few options we hadn’t already tried. I had recently joined an animal communication class with renowned Animal Communicator, Maia Kincaid and, eager to keep up my practice with Rajah, in my moment of defeat I confided in him, “Rajah, I just don’t know where can go that will be cool enough to walk. We need grass. Where is there grass? Do you know where we can go?” I can’t say I heard an answer, but we got in the car anyway and started driving. I found myself in a sort of let-go state and simply drove without thinking about a destination. Left at the roundabout, towards the next town until without reason, I found myself turning right onto an unfamiliar street. Hmm. I don’t know about this. I can’t imagine there are any grassy spaces in this neighborhood. We should turn around and go back to somewhere we know.


I suddenly looked over to my right and saw what looked like a parking lot and thought it looked like a suitable place to turn around. As we pulled in, I realized this was in fact the parking lot for a little park. Grass! Lots of it and it had just been irrigated so it was deliciously cool to walk through. And right next door was an even bigger expanse of green. A golf course! I have no idea how Rajah knew of the existence of this park, let alone how to get there. But this wasn’t the first time he had surprised me with his navigational skills. Many a time Rajah has spotted a place from the car window that he wants to visit, and has later guided me back to that very place when we’ve been on foot. Much easier to do when he has me on a leash, but hey, I’m getting much better these days at the letting him drive thing!

Before you stop reading, thinking this woman is just plain crazy, I should probably tell you right now that I’ve always had special relationships with the dogs in my life. They come to me in my dreams and let me know their needs in unspoken but unmistakable ways. Rajah may be the closest I’ve felt to any of my dogs, and is my guide in learning animal communication. I’ll share more of our backstory in future posts, along with some of the amazing (and mundane) conversations we have.